Blast from the Past: Art of the 1960s

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Op Art

Op Art

Bridget Riley
 Bridget Riley
(British, born 1931)
Untitled [Fragment 1], 1965
Screenprint on acrylic, 27 1/4 x 33 3/4 inches
Gift of an Anonymous Donor, 89.29.4

Op art, which died out soon after its MOMA debut in 1965, was completely abstract and international in scope. Bridget Riley in darks and lights and Richard Anuskiewicz in color lay narrow lines close together to get a vibrating optical effect as did a number of the other Op artists. Some used moiré’s wavelike patterning, others repeated one value while increasing or decreasing a variable. The work was geometric and abstract but not really relational and with a clear optical twist that linked it with kinetic art instead of regular geometric abstraction.

Kresge Art Museum | Michigan State University