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Surrealist Drawings from the Drukier Collection

Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978)
Le Sommeil, 1913
Pen, ink, color crayon & pencil on paper
Salvador Dali (1904-1989)
Le cannibalisme des objects, 1933
Pen ink on paper
Roberto Matta (born 1911)
Composition, 1943
Watercolor and pencil on paper
Victor Brauner (1903-1966)
L'Archechat (The Arch-cat), 1948
Encaustic, pen and ink
Rene Magritte (1898-1967)
The Last Jockey, 1926
Gouache and collage
November 1- December 19, 2003

From November 1 through December 19, Kresge Art Museum presents Surrealist Drawings from the Drukier Collection, an exhibition of approximately 100 prints, drawings and watercolors by Surrealist artists. The exhibition and catalogue were organized by the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University.

Drawn from the Drukier collection, the most extensive private holdings of Surrealist works on paper, Surrealist Drawings presents works from 1920s to the 1940s, the height of the surrealist period. Works by Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Jean Arp, Magritte, Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst, Matta, Yves Tanguy and many others will be on display. This exhibition also includes postcards, books and several Exquisite Corpses, a favorite surrealist game.

Surrealism was an international intellectual movement that flourished from about 1917 to 1966, focused on the dilemmas of thought and expression. In reaction to what they believed to be a crisis in Western culture, these artists advocated with a wide reaching set of revised values, which penetrated into literature, poetry, and the visual arts.

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